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Tony Josephides is a 25-year-old freelance filmmaker & photographer, based in Nicosia, Cyprus.


He has been using cameras, video/image editing programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Photoshop from the age of 14. During the past 4 years, he developed his skills through his professional experience with many well-established clients and collaborators such as Eko, EY, Blue Island, Hellenic Bank, EuroLife, Chrysanthou Shoes, Digital Tree, and many others.


"In many respects, Image exists in everyone’s life. Due to our senses and our surroundings, we create/come up with characters from which we acquire and process information. Eventually, the outcome of this processing is the Story. My intention is to project that Story of any character by using simply my camera. "


- Tony.



It was 2008 when he found himself interested in skateboarding, a sport or an art which offer/provide him the opportunity to take a video-camera in his hands for the first time. His motive was to capture skate tricks, either his own or his friends. Right after, follows the editing of his footage/material accompanied with the right choice of clips, best moments, and the most suitable music. From now on, becoming familiar with various editing programs was essential. Those were the first basic steps. Often, he watched professional skateboarding films which provided him with the motivation needed to chase his dream and develop his skills in both skateboarding and filming. Sometimes, he even directed his friends how to properly use the camera so they can capture an aesthetically good and clear image. In 2015-2016 he was renowned in the field of skateboarding by VANS, a company which still sponsors him until today. His initial motive was creating skateboarding videos, and maybe that was what exactly moved him to become better in both domains.

Cyprus skateboarding
Tony Tzo skateboarder
Christos Yiannaki & Tony Josephides
Tony Josephides (photo by Maria Poyiadji)
Tony Josephides
Tony Tzo (photo by photogeneia)


Tony is self-taught in photography/filmmaking without any academic education. He assumes that the best teacher is undoubtful hard work and practice. Moreover, the Internet remains for him a modern, convenient, and accessible mean of education, allowing him to stay updated, following, and study numerous renowned photographers and filmmakers. 
Since everyone can take a camera and practice the art of photography, being a self-taught photographer/filmmaker might be questionable. Nonetheless, he believes is not only to follow strictly indicated theories and conventional methods of using a camera but equally important is persistence, your vision, and idea.

Cyprus wedding videography
Stop motion shooting | Cyprus | Tony Tzo & Maria Poyiadji
tony tzo in iceland
Tony Tzo | photo by Kate Ioannidou
film & digital cameras
Cyprus landscape photographer
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